More sitting

i try to sit and ponder

all about the great big yonder

i can no longer wander


but the only tree i can see

is on the TV

i would like to hug and see

a free green tree



This is just a fun poem I wrote. I hope you like  it.


Am I a grown up yet?

If I knew what I wanted

I would go for it

I’d make plans

I would go to the shop and buy lots of different coloured pens

I would make lists on lined paper

I would write my name clearly and underline it

I might even put the date on the corner

I would look at it and cross out some things

I would think about bullet points

And when I typed it up I would choose an awesome font

If I knew what I wanted


Walking with my thoughts

They opened with a broken truth

Hoping I would bite

The jab, the poke of a misbegotten word

I reply as usual, with my trite regards of, it’s not that bad etc etc etc

Oceans have travelled under that bridge

I collect my steps and aim to you

Wondering if it’s too late to take up Buddhism

To angry to change and to lazy to care

Need isn’t for the lighthearted

Script Download Links – Go Into The Story

Here are active studio and production company links to download scripts from the last 10 years. Since these links come and go, I would strongly recommend downloading them now. 22 July
99 Homes
— Read on

A great place for free scripts. Read how the professionals do it.

The fourth week

It’s the beginning of the fourth week in quarantine in Spain 🇪🇸. I’ll hopefully finish all the projects I’ve started I.e. writing songs, poems, books, screenplays, plays and teaching resources.

How are you coping with the lockdown? What strategies have you adopted to help in the crisis?

Cooking in the Pandemic

Like most people I have struggled with finding some basic things for cooking eg yeast, baking powder and others. I’ve had to really search for different ways to cook what I do have.

I’ve had some successes and some failures. I’ve made some awesome vegan curries and my rotis are getting better.

Garbanzos con arroz

I like that necessity is making me more creative.

Stay safe and healthy everyone and thanks for reading this.


I’m in España and we’re on lockdown. The streets are empty and people are doing their best in extraordinary circumstances.

I think this is going to change things in a way that will really surprise people.

Look after yourself everyone and FaceTime with your family friends. We’re social animals and it will be difficult but we have to #FlattenTheCurve and try and reduce the casualties of this pandemic.