Begrudgingly accepted

The Apology

He didn’t deserve.


The future


If I knew what I wanted I would go for it.

I'd make plans, I would go to the shops and buy many coloured pens and lined paper.

I would write out the plan and cross out words and circle others

And then when I'd finished, I would look at it and smile.


Then I'd type it up and put it into bullet points with an image from the net.

If I knew where to start.


I need to find something to want. I'm running out of tomorrows.

Maybe I could do the list thing. You know, write out a random list of words about the

future. Kids, travel, money, wisdom…her.



They’re out there!

Rub your hands, grimace and cackle

Holed up in your dingy, ramshackle

Flat, flicking through channels

Looking at the world’s problems and which ones you’re going to tackle

Tomorrow, or the day after, next week at the latest.

Things are getting real and this is no beta test

And I know, I could… Oooh, Shiny!

That solution, I almost had, was the best.