Spanish summer

You’re thoughts are smothered in heat

Only the twitching sleep of the slowly cooked

Disturbed by the quest for a cold part of the pillow

Contained by a parboiled brain

To help you keep sane

Siesta is a survival necessity or you’ll sleep walk through traffic



Córdoba is a beautiful town and a great place to visit. There’s a lot going on and there’s always something new to discover. I haven’t been inside the mesquita (mosque) yet though. I’m looking forward to exploring more of Córdoba city.

The future


If I knew what I wanted I would go for it.

I'd make plans, I would go to the shops and buy many coloured pens and lined paper.

I would write out the plan and cross out words and circle others

And then when I'd finished, I would look at it and smile.


Then I'd type it up and put it into bullet points with an image from the net.

If I knew where to start.


I need to find something to want. I'm running out of tomorrows.

Maybe I could do the list thing. You know, write out a random list of words about the

future. Kids, travel, money, wisdom…her.